E-JUNIORS: Introducing juniors, and in particular e-excluded juniors, to the world of digital multimedia and communication for educational leisure and/or for professional prospects. »

This association aims to offer juniors, and in particular the e-excluded, an introduction to digital technologies, such as electronics and multimedia computing in the context of extra/extracurricular activities or non-formal learning in order to:
- encourage creativity and vocations
- enjoy free time in a constructive and educational way
- study new application areas

**computer music
**computer-aided design and visual representations (CAD, drawing, photo, video)

The starting point for the association was the observation that there is a lack, in particular in the Animation Centers such as the "Houses of Youth and Culture" of playful animations - based on computers and new technologies - for "young people", whether it be toy libraries for the little ones, workshops on sound or digital image for teenagers, or even - why not - interactive network games or sports exercises (of the "exergaming" type ) for all ages on computers or game consoles.

The reasons for this "lack" are multiple insofar as it would be necessary to abandon a certain number of activities which no longer interest young people nowadays (such as pottery, bookbinding, etc.) and that, on the other hand , new multimedia computing equipment must be purchased.

Since, among the facilitators/trainers of our team, there were computer scientists passionate about computer music and robotics, we proposed and experimented, from 2006 - at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture in the 11th arrondissement, computer music targeting a "young adult" audience in difficulty and from very disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as at the Petite Rockette for younger children as an extracurricular activity on Wednesdays.

The target audience, initially, consisted of young people aged 11 to 17 in the context of extra/extracurricular activities.

But after a few years, our association has expanded its target audience by developing a range of activities dedicated to young people (from 18 to 30 years old) around three major axes:
• Occupational integration
• Intergenerational activities
• Entrepreneurship

E-Juniors had the opportunity to set up training workshops for young unemployed people in order to provide them with the tools necessary for their professional integration. These trainings have been organized in partnership with OVED (employment office). Taking place in the form of a workshop, these intensive training courses aim to teach trainees how to send a work application online. Thus, students

are trained in Word software and other office automation tools and in searching for job offers online.

Finally, E-Juniors periodically organizes with E-Seniors, intergenerational activities with the town halls of central Paris. These moments of sharing between generations are characterized by the use of new technologies.

Young-senior pairs are formed and the generations mingle around video games, computer quizzes or even, more traditional, card games. Each generation introduces the other to its hobbies and proves to each other that there is strength in unity.